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Interesting Case Studies

Speed Skater

  • 19 year old Olympic Speed Skater.
  • Presented with persistent back pain.
  • He had suffered multiple injuries and in spite of extensive chiropractic and rehabilitative treatments, he had rated his recovery at only 80%.
  • Examination revealed the expected chronic strains as well as multiple energetic axes having been shifted off of their normal position.
  • Following extensive, very advanced osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques addressed at reversing these many and various injuries, he was returned to 100%.
  • Following his return to health, he went on to win Gold and Silver Olympic medals at the 2002 Winter Games.

Basketball Player

  • 17 year old high school student who was a key member of the high school basketball team
  • Presented with a 2nd degree ankle sprain which would have prevented him from playing in a series of very important tournament games.
  • Examination revealed marked swelling in the left ankle with ecchymosis in the ankle and foot.
  • Treated with advanced osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques.
  • Following his treatment, his swelling was completely resolved. He was pain free and able to move around on the ankle without any discomfort.
  • He went on after 24 hours of rest to play in the full game schedule without any tenderness or dysfunction and required no taping.

Weight Lifter

  • 33 year old weight lifter presented with complaint of persistent pain in his neck and shoulders for 3 years duration following a motor vehicle accident.
  • He had not been able to lift weights since the accident.
  • Examination revealed marked persistent chronic strains throughout his entire body and especially his neck, shoulders and thorax.
  • Following his first visit the pain was decreased by 50% and he was pain free by his third visit. By the fourth treatment visit, he was lifting weights at 60% of previous levels and over the next three months, returned to a full workout for body building.


  • 60 year old man with right knee swelling following a total knee replacement 4 months earlier. In spite of aggressive rehabilitation, he continued to have persistent pain and swelling.
  • Normally played golf 2-3 times per week and this brought him to a stop.
  • Examination revealed marked swelling of the right knee and extensive strains throughout the entire extremity and up into his low back relating to both old injuries as well as the recent surgical trauma.
  • Treated with advanced osteopathic manipulative techniques.
  • Following the first visit, the swelling was reduced by more than 60% and following the second treatment visit, the swelling was completely resolved with marked increase in range of motion.
  • He returned successfully to playing golf.


  • 17 year old high school power gymnast
  • Left ankle sprain, swollen, ecchymotic with a marked amount of blood underneath the skin.
  • Examination revealed a 2nd degree ankle sprain.
  • Treated aggressively with advanced osteopathic manipulative medicine techniques including advanced biodynamics.
  • Following the first treatment she was able to walk without difficulty and the swelling was completely resolved. Residual area of tenderness over the lateral calcaneofibular ligament.
  • Performed her full routine 6 days later to win first in State at the State Gymnastics Championships.

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